All telecommunications companies are required to complete and maintain their company profile using the company/contact web application IUB 24/7.

For companies that are required to register under Iowa Code 476.95A, the IUB 24/7 company record serves as the annual telecommunications registration in compliance with state law. This registration also authorizes a company to obtain telephone numbers, interconnect with other providers of telecommunications service, cross railroad rights-of-way in accordance with Iowa Code 476.27, and provide telecommunications service in Iowa. 

For companies that are not required to register, the IUB 24/7 company record allows the company to maintain contact information and report the Dual Party Relay Service (DPRS) assessment. 

Once a company profile is created and submitted in IUB 24/7, it must be accepted by the IUB, which will allow access to print/download a copy of your company's registration document.

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How to Access a Copy of Your Telecommunications Registration Document

To print or download a copy of your telecommunications registration* from IUB 24/7, follow these steps:

  • Click on Records in the navigation bar of IUB 24/7.
  • Select Companies.
  • Click on the live link on the IUB Company Number or Legal Name of Organization.
  • In the Company Information - General Information tab, scroll down to the registration section.
  • Under Telecommunications Registration Document, click Generate Document.
  • Select the document to generate and click Generate.
  • The document will then be available for download and can be saved or printed by the user. If the document has previously been generated, click on the Word icon to download. 

*Company record must be in Accepted status for Proof of Registration document to be available.

Dual Party Relay Service Assessment

DPRS assessment information is now submitted annually in IUB 24/7. Companies required to report their revenue-producing telecommunications service phone numbers will need to do so between January and April 1 of each year. The company will then be invoiced for the assessment amount owed. See the Telecommunications/Dual Party Relay Service webpage for more information.

Utility Annual Reports

Prior to 2021, telecommunications companies submitted their TC-1 report in the electronic filing system (EFS). The telecommunications annual report for companies that are required to register under Iowa Code 476.95A is now integrated into the company record submitted in IUB 24/7. During your annual company review and registration in IUB 24/7, which must be done by April 1 of each calendar year, you will enter your annual report information into your company profile in IUB 24/7.

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