The IUB's electronic filing system (EFS) is a web‐based application used to receive electronic filings from external users. EFS is the repository of most documents electronically filed with the IUB and orders issued by the IUB in proceedings initiated beginning in 2009. EFS makes orders and non‐confidential documents available on the IUB website for public searching and download. The IUB’s rules governing electronic filing and identifying exceptions to the electronic filing requirement are found at 199 Iowa Administrative Code chapter 14.

Review the sections and common questions to learn more about EFS. If you have other questions about EFS, please contact customer service at 877-565-4450 or

Learn more about EFS updates

The IUB hosted a virtual meeting for EFS users to explain changes and new features that launched in December 2023. You can learn about the changes to EFS by watching this YouTube video.