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Energy efficiency

The IUB approves energy efficiency plans of Iowa investor-owned utilities. Energy efficiency plans in Iowa address both electric and natural gas usage through a variety of programs that attempt to give all customers opportunities to participate.

Iowa law that governs Iowa Energy Efficiency can be found at Iowa Code 476.6(13) and (15).  IUB rules that apply to energy efficiency can be found in the Utilities Division section of the Iowa Administrative Code, 199β€”chapter 35.

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Investor-owned Utilities (IOUs) Energy Efficiency Program Overview

  • Plans must be cost-effective, with five benefit-cost tests used to determine cost-effectiveness from the perspectives of the participating customers, the utility, the combination of the utility and customers, and the impact on utility rates.
  • Plans must include programs for all types of customers.
  • Plans must include an analysis of potential for energy efficiency, and must include performance standards in terms of energy and capacity savings.
  • IOUs recover costs through an automatic rate pass-through, reconciled annually to prevent over-recovery or under-recovery.
  • The IUB is authorized to conduct prudence reviews of IOU energy efficiency, with authority to disallow imprudent costs.

Investor-owned utilities (IOU) offer many energy efficiency programs. The IOUs’ plans include programs based on proven strategies and pilot programs that test new methods of helping customers reduce energy consumption. Programs typically target customer classes or subgroups of customers, and often provide rebates or loans for energy efficient equipment or building components. 

To find out which programs are underway for various types of customers, and what customer incentives may be available, visit these utility company websites:

Additional information: Chaz Allen, Iowa Utility Association - 515-282-2115

Energy Efficiency Dockets in EFS

Current and recently approved Energy Efficiency Plans may be found by searching EFS at the docket links shown in the table.

Earlier documents are available in EFS; however, filings prior to 2009 are unavailable electronically and may be requested through IUB Customer Service. Call 515-725-7337 or email

Company NameDocket Number
2024-2028 Approved Plans 
MidAmerican Energy CompanyEEP-2022-0156
Interstate Power & Light Company, an Alliant Energy CompanyEEP-2022-0150
Black Hills/Iowa Gas Utility Company, LLC d/b/a Black Hills EnergyEEP-2022-0225
Liberty Energy (Midstates) CorporationEEP-2022-0222
2019-2023 Approved Plans 
MidAmerican Energy CompanyEEP-2018-0002
Interstate Power & Light Company, an Alliant Energy CompanyEEP-2018-0003
Black Hills/Iowa Gas Utility Company, LLC d/b/a Black Hills EnergyEEP-2018-0004
Liberty Energy (Midstates) CorporationEEP-2018-0005

Note: Beginning with 2024-2028 plans, the docket numbers reflect the company's filing number rather than the order in which dockets were opened.

Technical Reference Manuals

The IUB approved the use of the Iowa Technical Reference Manual (TRM) in an order dated March 22, 2017; however, the IUB is not responsible for the content of the TRM data below. The development and continued maintenance of the TRM will be directed by the TRM Oversight Committee with project coordination support by the Iowa Utility Association.

For further information or for questions about the TRMs, contact the TRM administrator at