Follow the steps below to file:

  • an objection
  • a letter of support
  • a comment in a docket that's open before the IUB

NOTE: Any information submitted is subject to the Iowa Open Records Act and will be available for public viewing and inspection.

If you need help, email or call 515-725-7300.

When you submit comments via the IUB online comment form, the system will send you an email saying your comments were received. The IUB Customer Service staff receives your comments and uploads them to the electronic filing system ( Your comments and information are open to the public and shared with all members on the service list for the docket you selected. If you chose to get email updates, you will be notified when your comment is filed and when other people file comments for the docket.

Filing in a docket using the IUB's electronic filing system 

Go to and review "EFS Quick Filing Guide - Registered Users" to add other information or documents into the docket.

Access EFS

The IUB electronic filing system (EFS) is an IUB database that allows you to give feedback to the IUB and review filings in dockets.

Fill in Information About Yourself

Type your your name, address, and other information in the fields near the top of the screen. All fields with a red * are required.

Choose the Docket

Find the docket you want to comment on in the "List of IUB Dockets." Click on it.

Choose the Submission Type

Click the drop-down for the "Submission Type" and click the one you want.

Set Email Notification

If you want to get email updates about the docket, check the box on the right of "Send Me Email Notifications on this Docket." Leave the box blank if you don't want to get updates.

NOTE: If you choose to get email notifications, your name, email, and address will be added to the service list, which is sent by the system to all email addresses.

Add Comments

Type your comments in the "Comments" area.

Submit Your Comment

Check the box in the "I'm not a robot" field. Then click the "Submit" button under it.