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Online comments-objections form moves to EFS

IUB Launches New Online Comments/Objections Form in its Electronic Filing System

The IUB launched a new online open docket comment form in its electronic filing system (EFS) today. The IUB actively encourages utility customers, stakeholders and members of the public to participate in cases (i.e. dockets) before the IUB. The most common method for individuals to participate and make their voices heard is providing written comments in dockets. Previously, interested persons were able to submit comments, objections, and letters of support related to certain dockets on the IUB website. As of June 22, 2022, the IUB has improved this process and now anyone can submit their comments, objections, and letters of support into dockets using the new EFS form.


Electric transmission lines in Iowa

Electric Transmission Franchise Records Now Searchable in EFS

The IUB has updated the electronic filing system (EFS) to make electric transmission line franchise records searchable and reportable in EFS. Franchise records can now be found by performing a Franchise Search in EFS under the Search dropdown menu. Franchise records provide specific information about the electric transmission line franchise, including the docket number where the franchise was issued, primary company, issue and expiration dates, and line voltage information. A training session for industry is scheduled for 11 a.m. Wednesday, June 8, and it will be recorded for those unable to attend. The demonstration will cover various statuses for franchises and how to search franchises in EFS. Register for training.  


buried gas line flag

IUB Reminds Iowans to Call 811 to Locate Underground Utilities Before Digging

More than 40 percent of American homeowners who plan to landscape a yard, plant a tree, or install a fence or mailbox this year likely will not make a required 811 call to have their underground utilities located before digging begins. The IUB reminds Iowans  to always call 811 or go to IowaOneCall.com before digging; it's the law! Contacting Iowa One Call notifies operators with underground utility facilities of the intent to dig. Utility companies will respond within two business days by marking underground utilities with color-coded paint marks or flags that tell an excavator where utility lines are located. Learn more by reviewing the IUB and Attorney General's Office Iowa One Call Damage Prevention video.

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