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Utility emergency contact info

Iowa Code § 476.27 details procedures for obtaining railroad approval for utility crossings of railroad right-of-way. If emergency repairs or non-routine maintenance need to be performed within a railroad right-of-way, it is important that immediate notification be given to other entities with facilities that may be affected.

IUB rules at 199 Iowa Administrative Code 42.4(2) require each railroad, and each public utility with a facility crossing railroad right-of-way, to file contact information for 24-hour emergency notifications.

The following contact information provided by the utilities and railroads is for use in cases of emergency repairs or nonroutine maintenance in railroad right-of-way only. For routine or nonemergency communications, please use regular channels.

state railroad map is available on the Iowa Department of Transportation website to help determine the ownership of a railroad line.

Any railroad or public utility required to file contact information with the IUB for 24-hour emergency notifications should use IUB 24/7, which also should be used to update previously submitted information.

Companies with an IUB 24/7 company profile will be prompted within their company profile for railroad emergency contact information during the annual company review. Companies should update their company profile if this information changes at any time. 

Companies without a company profile in IUB 24/7 can submit railroad emergency contact information from the IUB 24/7 homepage. Click “Update Railroad Contacts” then “Submit Railroad Contacts,” input the company if available or select Other company and submit the information. 


If you have questions about filing or how to update your company information, contact or 877-565-4450.