The IUB prepares a chart of its Rulemaking Dockets (RMUs) currently in active status. The chart lists the active RMU dockets by chapter number and is updated weekly. An active RMU docket will remain on the chart until the rule making is terminated or the rule amendments become effective. Current Rulemaking Docket Status Report

The active rule makings are also available for review on the State of Iowa's Administrative Rules website

You may comment on the noticed rules until the end of the comment period by filing:

The IUB’s rules regarding rulemaking procedures are at 199 Iowa Administrative Code chapter 3.

Matt Oetker has been designated the Agency Rules Administrator. The Administrator’s address is 1375 E. Court Ave., Des Moines, IA 50319.

You can determine when the Administrative Rules Review Committee will be considering the rules in the docket by accessing the Committee’s agenda. The rules are usually considered by the Committee the month after the proposed rules are published in the Iowa Administrative Bulletin.

All documents relating to each rulemaking docket are available for review in EFS. From the EFS navigation bar, select Search, Docket Search, and type in the docket number for the rulemaking in which you are interested.  To display all documents for that particular docket, click on the documents link.

See Executive Order 10 regarding a review of all agency rules.