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Dual Party Relay

The Iowa Dual Party Relay Service (DPRS) law found in Iowa Code chapter 477C requires wireless carriers and wire-line local exchange carriers that provide telecommunications service in Iowa to pay three cents ($0.03) per month for each telecommunications service phone number provided in Iowa.

Telecommunications companies report their revenue-producing telecommunications service phone numbers for the previous calendar year in IUB 24/7. All companies maintain a company profile in IUB, which offers a single place to submit required information and DPRS reports. Invoices are then issued for the assessment amount owed. 

Filing Deadline

The reports are made available in January and the annual filing deadline is April 1 for each telecommunications company required to submit the reportable DPRS information.

Instructions for using IUB 24/7 can be found on the Information About IUB 24/7 page. Instructions on creating a company profile in IUB 24/7 can be found on the IUB 24/7 for Telecommunications Companies page. 

If you are unsure whether your company has already filed a report with the IUB, you can access your company profile in IUB 24/7, call 515-725-7300, or email

NOTE: To report for a prior period, email and a link to the form will be provided to you. Please include in your email the reporting quarter(s) for which a form link is requested.

For additional information on payments, filing, reporting and more, refer to the Telecom for IUB 24/7 Common Questions.

Additionally, see IUB rules in 199 IAC chapter 17, Assessments.

For general questions, call 515-725-7300 or email