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Renewable energy tax credits

Upgraded GovConnectIowa Online Secure Tax Portal Now Available

The IUB has joined the Iowa Department of Revenue and other state agencies in an effort to add functionality to GovConnectIowa, the State’s secure online tax portal, with new features to make it easier to do business in Iowa and to better serve Iowa’s taxpayers. Learn more about the functionality available with the upgrades that went live on November 14, 2022. Updated educational materials, how-to guides, and tutorial videos are available to assist taxpayers and business owners at GovConnectIowa Help

You can also view the New & Updated GovConnectIowa Features webinar recording to preview the available tools.

The State initially launched GovConnectIowa in November 2021. The November 2022 upgrades added more tax types and functions and introduced additional state agency partners to GovConnectIowa. This included, among other functions, the ability to apply for tax credits and manage tax credit certifications, including renewable energy tax credits previously managed through the web-based (tax) Credit Award, Claim, and Transfer Administration System (CACTAS). Renewable energy tax credit applicants that used the CACTAS system were required to retrieve documents by October 2022. 

NOTE: Access to the CACTAS system was discontinued on October 31, 2022, for the renewable energy tax credits.  

Iowa Code Chapter 476B established a state production tax credit for energy generated by qualified wind energy facilities and sold or consumed on-site. Qualified facilities had to be placed in service on or after July 1, 2005, but before July 1, 2012. The program capacity limit has been reached. The tax credit certificates are transferable and may be applied toward the state's individual income, corporation income, franchise, insurance premium, sales and use, or replacement tax.

Iowa Code Chapter 476C established a state production tax credit for energy generated, sold, or consumed on-site by eligible wind energy facilities and certain non-wind renewable energy facilities. There is program capacity still available; however, one of the eligibility requirements is the facility had to be placed into service between July 1, 2005, and December 31, 2017, and the renewable energy purchased or produced must be generated prior to December 31, 2027. The tax credit certificates are transferable and may be applied toward the state's individual income, corporate income, franchise, insurance premium, sales and use, or replacement tax.

Common Questions about CACTAS and GovConnect Iowa

Review the common questions about renewable energy tax credits through the IUB and the transition from CACTAS to GovConnect Iowa.

To qualify for the tax credits

Wind and other renewable energy facilities must first receive a preliminary eligibility determination from the IUB. The information required in eligibility applications is available for viewing or download. Eligibility applications must be filed using the IUB’s electronic filing system. The IUB's rule at 199 IAC 15.19 describes the 476C eligibility application process.

See the list of facilities granted preliminary eligibility determination by the IUB, which is available for viewing or download in MS Excel format.

Following a preliminary eligibility determination, owners of eligible facilities may apply for tax credit certificates. Tax credit applications are issued by the Iowa Department of Revenue.

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