The Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) today issued an order establishing the procedural schedule and setting the date for a public hearing regarding the proposed five-year energy efficiency plan by Black Hills Energy Company (Black Hills).

The hearing, for the presentation of evidence and cross-examination of witnesses, will be held at 9 a.m. Wednesday, October 25, 2023, in the IUB’s Hearing Room at 1375 E Court Ave., Des Moines, Iowa. A comprehensive procedural schedule is attached to today’s order.

Black Hills filed its application on March 31, 2023, seeking IUB approval of the company’s proposed energy efficiency plan for the five-year period of 2024-2028. Black Hills’ proposed plan is pending before the IUB in Docket No. EEP-2022-0225.

Today’s order also grants the petition to intervene from the Clean Energy Districts of Iowa and designates Diana Machir as presiding officer to exercise the authority provided under I99 Iowa Administrative Code rule 7.3.

Those with disabilities who will require assistive service or devices to observe or participate in the hearing may contact the IUB’s Customer Service staff at (515) 725-7300 at least five business days in advance of the hearing to request arrangements.

Documents regarding Black Hills’ proposed plan are available for review in the IUB’s electronic filing system under Docket No. EEP-2022-0225.