Dual Party Relay Service Assessment


The Iowa Dual Party Relay Service (DPRS) fund pays for the Iowa telecommunications relay service and Iowa’s Equipment Distribution Program.  All communications carriers are required to contribute to the Iowa DPRS fund.  Iowa Code § 477C.7 requires wireless communications service providers to pay 3 cents per month per wireless communications service number provided in Iowa; the remainder of the assessment is allocated proportionately based on intrastate revenues, one-half to local exchange service providers and one-half to interexchange carriers, centralized equal access providers, and alternate operator service companies.

The Board requires wireless service providers to submit quarterly payments for the DPRS at 3 cents per number per month as well as reports that include specific retail line count information and estimates of future retail line counts. Payments and reports shall be filed with the Board within 30 days after the close of each calendar quarter. Reports and payments are due on or before January 31, April 30, July 31, and October 31 for the previous calendar quarter.

The report shall be submitted in a form substantially similar to the Wireless Telecommunications Carrier Dual Party Service Assessment Quarterly Report and Remittance form available for download from the Board's Web site. Paper forms are available by contacting the Board's Customer Service staff by email at customer@iub.iowa.gov, or by calling 515-725-7300, or toll-free at 877-565-4450.

The Board’s 2005 order requiring reporting and assessment for the DPRS states that line count information for individual companies that is submitted in the quarterly reports will be treated as confidential pursuant to Iowa Code § 22.7(3), subject to the provisions of 199 IAC 1.9(8)"b"(3).