Railroad & Utility Emergency Contact Information

In 2001, the Iowa Legislature adopted a new Iowa Code section 476.27 containing procedures for obtaining railroad approval for utility crossings of railroad right-of-way. The Iowa Utilities Board subsequently initiated a rule making to implement this provision of this new law. One issue raised by participants in the rule making was that railroads and utilities often had difficulty contacting each other in the event of an emergency that could impact facilities owned by others.

If emergency repairs or nonroutine maintenance need to be performed within a railroad right-of-way, it is important that immediate notification be given to other entities with facilities that may be affected. Therefore, the IUB adopted rules requiring each railroad, and each public utility with a facility crossing railroad right-of-way, to file with the IUB contact information for emergency notifications 24 hours per day, seven days per week. (See 199 IAC 42.4(2).)

This page contains emergency contact information for use in contacting utilities and railroads in cases of emergency repairs or nonroutine maintenance in railroad right-of-way. Information for all utilities is not available on this page. This contact information is collected only for railroads and for those utilities whose facilities cross railroad rights-of-way and is published for those whose information has been received by the Iowa Utilities Board.

If needed to help determine the ownership of a railroad line, a state railroad map is available on the Iowa Department of Transportation website.

The contact information provided on this page was provided specifically for, and is to be used only for, contacts pertaining to emergency situations. For routine or nonemergency communications please use regular channels.

Any railroad, or public utility with a facility crossing railroad right-of-way, that has not yet filed contact information for emergency notifications with the IUB may do so using an electronically submitted form. This form can also be used to update or correct previously provided information.

Emergency contact information lists are being updated approximately once per month, with the date of update shown on this page. If you have questions about the contact lists or the requirements for filing, contact Chuck Floyd at 515.745.0368 or chuck.floyd@iub.iowa.gov.

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