Natural Gas Pipeline Permits

The Iowa Utilities Board (IUB), Safety and Engineering Section, is responsible for reviewing and processing all petitions for natural gas pipeline permits under Iowa Code chapter 479, Pipelines and Underground Gas Storage. A pipeline permit is the authorization granted by the IUB for the construction, maintenance and operation of an intrastate pipeline. The granting of a pipeline permit requires a finding by the IUB that the project will promote the public convenience and necessity and follows an acceptable route.

Natural Gas Pipeline (P-Docket) Permit Forms and Information

One Call Underground Locate Service, Damage Prevention, One Call Complaints and Violation Enforcement by the Attorney General

To avoid a potential pipeline accident caused by excavation, have the location of all utility lines marked before excavating by hand or with equipment. In fact, to comply with Iowa law, in accordance with Iowa Code chapter 480, Underground Facilities Information, a person must contact Iowa One Call at 811 or 800.292.8989 a minimum of two days (excluding Saturday, Sunday and legal holidays) before excavation commences. After Iowa One Call is contacted, the following will happen:

  • Operators with underground facilities in the area where the excavation is planned are notified. This includes natural gas and power utilities, communications companies, and cities and towns.
  • Within 48 hours after being contacted, utilities either mark their underground facilities with color-coded paint marks or flags, or tell the excavator they have no lines in the area.

If a contractor is performing the excavation work, a person should make sure that the contractor calls Iowa One Call two days prior to the commencement of excavating.

The Office of the Attorney General enforces the One Call Law. See more information about One Call Complaints and enforcement through the Attorney General's Office.

Searching for Natural Gas Pipeline Permit Filings

All public filings and IUB orders regarding specific natural gas pipeline permit filings (P-Docket) are available on the IUB's electronic filing system (EFS). To search for documents related to natural gas pipeline permits, click the EFS link, select Search from the top navigation menu, and scroll down to Document Search. This will open a document search screen. Enter the docket number (P-XXXX) relating to the permit for which you would like more information and click the Search button. This will provide a list of all documents filed online with the IUB in that proceeding.

If you do not know the specific docket number, you must do a docket search to determine the docket number. To start, click the EFS link, select Search from the top navigation menu and scroll down to Docket Search. This will open a docket search screen. Select P - Pipeline Permit from the Docket Type drop down box and then select the company name from the Participants drop down box. Be sure to click the Add button to add the company to the search parameters. After entering the search terms, click the Search button to display a list of all documents filed in all P-dockets for that company. To narrow the search to a particular county, include the county name in the Docket Description field, surrounded by the percent sign (%) as a wildcard character.

Natural Gas Pipeline Permits Contact Information:

Magid Yousif
Manager, Safety and Engineering Section, Iowa Utilities Board

Media Inquiries Contact Information:

Don Tormey
Communications Director  
Iowa Utilities Board

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