Certified Natural Gas Providers

Iowa Code Section 476.87 requires the Iowa Utilities Board (Board) to certify all competitive natural gas providers and aggregators (CNGPs) (as defined in Iowa Code Section 476.86) providing natural gas services to customers in Iowa. The complete rules concerning certification can be found at 199 IAC 19.14.

Application Forms

There are application forms available for each of the services an applicant is seeking to provide, as described below. All forms are provided in MS Word format.

Form for Small Volume Users: Usage does not exceed 25,000 therms in any month and does not exceed 100,000 therms in any consecutive 12-month period.

Form for Large Volume Users: Usage exceeds 25,000 therms in any month or 100,000 therms in any consecutive 12-month period.

Form for Vehicle Fuel Providers: ​A CNGP is defined in Iowa Code section 476.86 as one that owns or operates facilities to sell natural gas as vehicle fuel to a retail end user. A handbook containing four state agencies' requirements and procedures (PDFnow leaving the IUB web site) necessary to use, distribute, and service compressed natural gas (CNG) in Iowa is available. This handbook represents a collaboration between multiple Iowa state agencies. The IUB is responsible for the portion of the document related to IUB requirements. The IUB does not have responsibility for the information provided by the other agencies; questions about their requirements should be directed to the relevant agency.

CNGPs must receive a certificate from the Board in order to provide competitive natural gas services to Iowa retail end users. Review the list of currently certified providers, previously certified providers, and providers with canceled certificates, which is available for viewing or download. The list also includes the rate-regulated natural gas utilities that provide unregulated competitive natural gas services. Pursuant to Iowa Code §476.86(2)(a), a certificate is not required when competitive natural gas services are provided by a rate-regulated natural gas utility.

Applications for certification must include an application fee of $125, made payable to the Iowa Utilities Board, to cover administrative costs. During the certification proceeding and after certification, applicants and CNGPs are required to notify the Board of any material change in the representations and commitments required for certification within 14 days of the change. Material changes requiring notification include, but are not limited to: CNGP name changes, changes in CNGP business structure, changes in CNGP ownership, and for Vehicle Fuel Providers, the opening of additional fueling stations or the closing of fueling stations. Once a CNGP has been granted a certificate to provide natural gas services in Iowa, the CNGP is required to file an annual report by April 1 each year detailing monthly sales volumes and revenues.

The Board will act on applications within 90 days unless the Board determines that an additional 60 days is necessary. Applications will be considered complete and the 90-day period will commence when all required materials have been submitted. If the filing is deficient, applicants will be notified and given 30 days to remedy deficiencies.

For more information, call Don Tormey at 515.725.7347 or email don.tormey@iub.iowa.gov.

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