Information about IUB 24/7

IUB 24/7 is an always-available web application that allows companies, utilities, and individuals that interact with the Iowa Utilities Board to manage and update their individual and company information with the IUB. However, all docket filings will continue to be made in the IUB’s electronic filing system (EFS).

Review the sections and frequently asked questions below to learn more about IUB 24/7. If you have any questions about IUB 24/7, please contact customer service at 877-565-4450 or

For Public Users

Anyone can create a user account in IUB 24/7. Creating a user account allows you to keep your contact information up-to-date with the IUB. Creating a user account is also encouraged if you are planning to file in the Electronic Filing System so the IUB has your most up-to-date contact information on record. 

The public can view company information in IUB 24/7 through the public search function. Visit the IUB 24/7 website and click ‘Search for a Utility or Company’ or click here to be taken to the IUB 24/7 home page. Publicly viewable company information is available to all registered users in the Search Companies section, as well to those that do not feel they need to register in IUB 24/7. 

All docket and filing information is still housed and maintained in EFS. IUB 24/7 maintains up-to-date information on companies that are regulated by the IUB.

Comments, Objections, and Complaints

If you would like to file a comment or an objection in an open docket, please use the IUB’s open docket comment form.

If you would like to file a complaint about a utility company, please use the IUB’s online complaint form.

For Utility Companies

IUB 24/7 allows utility companies to update and maintain their company information, services, and contacts with the IUB. Company administrators can edit their company’s profile, add and remove company contacts, assign contact permissions, and submit annual reports. 

  • Create your user account. (Register Link)
  • Get connected to your company by submitting a company access request in IUB 24/7. (Submit a company access request link)
  • As a company administrator, update your company’s profile, create your company’s contacts, and assign their permissions. (See “Roles and Permissions” header below)
  • Submit an annual report in your company profile by clicking the company name, scrolling down to the annual report section, and clicking ‘edit’ on the annual report. 
  • File faster in EFS. (Your contact information will be prefilled and your company will show up first in the submitting parties' dropdown menu when you file.)

Telecommunications Companies

The IUB 24/7 company record will serve as the telecommunications company’s annual registration with the IUB. For companies required to submit an annual report, the company record must be updated between January 1 and April 1 of each year and will serve as the company’s annual report for the prior year. For more information about registration in IUB 24/7, please visit the Telecommunications page.

How to Register your Company and Submit an Annual Report

For Independent Attorneys and Consultants

IUB 24/7 allows for any individual to register and keep their contact information up-to-date with the IUB. Attorneys and consultants that represent utility companies can register in IUB 24/7 and can file and update information on behalf of their clients. 

  • Create a user account in IUB 24/7 to file as a registered user in EFS. This saves you time filing information in EFS because you will not have to enter your contact information each time, and your connected companies will show up at the top of your submitting parties list while filing in EFS. (See “Login Information and EFS Integration”)

  • Get connected to your client companies by submitting a company access request in IUB 24/7 or emailing

  • Manage your clients’ company records by navigating to the Companies page and selecting the company you wish to update. To file documents in IUB dockets on behalf of your client, please visit EFS.

  • Submit an annual report in your client’s company record by clicking the company name, scrolling down to the annual report section, and clicking ‘edit’ on the annual report. 

Creating a User Account and EFS Integration

IUB 24/7 and the IUB’s Electronic Filing System (EFS) have been configured with a single sign-on system. Your new IUB 24/7 login will also serve as your EFS login. If you were a registered user in EFS, you will need to create a user account in IUB 24/7. If you use the same email address in IUB 24/7 as you did in EFS, your new IUB 24/7 account and your previous EFS account will automatically link. Whenever you update your contact information in IUB 24/7, all of the EFS docket service lists attached to your previous EFS account will automatically update.

If you are connected to companies in IUB 24/7, those companies will show up at the top of your submitting parties dropdown menu when filing in EFS.

If you are using a different email in IUB 24/7 than you did in EFS and you would like your accounts linked, please contact

Roles and Permissions

IUB 24/7 is a role-based application. Each user in the system has a specific set of permissions based on their use of the system. Below is a breakdown of the available contact permissions in IUB 24/7. These permissions can be set by the company administrator upon creation of a new company contact or they can be updated for an existing company contact by submitting a company access request or emailing IUB customer service staff at

IUB 24/7 Permissions Groups

Company Administrator: The Company Administrator can initiate, edit, and update their associated company record; add or remove associated user contacts; and view confidential information (EIN, telecom line counts).

Company Report Submitter: The Company Report Submitter can submit, edit, and update reports and compliance filings; upload documents; and view all submitted reports and filings, including confidential ones. The Company Report Submitter will have view-only access to their company record.

Company Contact (View Only): The Company Viewer can view the complete record of their company, but will not be able to edit the company record or create new company contacts. 

No Company Access: The No Company Access permission can only access the public view of the Company Record and will not be able to see the company profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

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