How to File a Utility Annual Report

IMPORTANT: For calendar year 2020, the IUB changed how the annual report information is collected. The IUB appreciates that with the rollout of the new company/contact web application IUB 24/7 that utilities have been asked to file their annual reports in a different manner. Annual reports are due April 1, 2021. As such, the IUB is working with companies that may need additional time to create their company profile in IUB 24/7 and to file required annual reports. IUB's Customer Service staff is available 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday to offer assistance on utility annual report filings.

Review the IUB 24/7 annual report frequently asked questions.  

As of March 1, 2021, all utilities will now complete their company record using IUB 24/7 in order to access their 2020 annual report. If your company record has already been created in IUB 24/7, simply log in and view your company profile to complete your specific utility annual report by clicking the link to your company profile, scrolling down, and selecting Edit on the annual report. Visit IUB 24/7 to create your company record and to complete your annual report information. 

Annual report requirements - Rate-regulated utilities

  • Electric utilities - IE-1 Part A will be completed in IUB 24/7 in your company profile. The Form IE-1 Part B (Word) and FERC Form 1 (PDF) will need to be attached within your Part A submission.
  • Gas utilities - IG-1 Part A will be completed in IUB 24/7 in your company profile. The Form IG-1 Part B (Word) and FERC Form 2 (PDF) will need to be attached within your part A submission.
  • Water utilities - Form WA-1 Part A will be completed in IUB 24/7 in your company profile. The Form WA-1 Part B (Word) will need to be attached within your Part A submission.

Annual report requirements - Non-rate-regulated utilities

  • Municipally owned electric utilities - Form ME-1 will be completed in IUB 24/7 in your company profile. The EIA-860 and/or EIA-923 forms, if needed, will be attached within your ME-1 submission.
  • Municipally owned gas utilities - Form MG-1 will be completed in IUB 24/7 in your company profile.
  • Non-rate-regulated rural electric cooperatives - Form EC-1 will be completed in IUB 24/7 in your company profile.
  • Certified natural gas providers - Form CNGP-1 will be completed in IUB 24/7 in your company profile. A CNGP may designate as confidential those portions of the annual report relating to financial records, number of customers, and volumes; however, the CNGP may not designate as confidential its aggregate sales volume nor its annual gross operating revenues.  To request confidential treatment, please submit the following to the company’s M-docket: a request for confidential treatment and an attorney or corporate officer affidavit affirming the material is confidential.
  • Telecommunications service providers - Telecommunications companies will not have an annual report form separate from their company record. The IUB 24/7 company record contains the information that was previously entered on the TC-1 form.
  • Generation and transmission companies: The Form EC-1N is no longer required. You must still submit your company record in IUB 24/7 and update it at least annually to ensure the contact information is current.

NOTE: Do not use or submit old 2019 annual report forms for 2020 in the EFS. Your company regulatory contact should have received notification with information regarding how to submit your company’s 2020 annual report using IUB 24/7.

As required under 199 IAC 23.1(2), each public utility subject to Iowa Code chapter 476 shall file with the IUB, on or before April 1 of each year, an annual report as described in these rules and covering operations during the immediately preceding calendar year.

Once the annual report is submitted in IUB 24/7, and a review of the report is completed, the report is shown as Accepted in the Company Record.

How to find your company number
The IUB has assigned a company number to each company in its database. To find that company number, run a Company Search from the IUB’s Electronic Filing System. On the Company Search page, fill in the company name and click on search. If you are not sure how the company name appears in the IUB database, you may search by industry type to get a list of all the companies in that industry. If the search results return more than one company, click on Summary next to your company. The company summary page will include the company number as part of the information about the company.

Read more about the launch of IUB 24/7 and how to create a company account/profile.

If you have any questions, please contact the IUB at or 877.565.4450 during regular business hours, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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