Residential Past Due Accounts & Disconnection Data

Low-income energy customers in Iowa are eligible for a Winter Disconnection Moratorium from November 1 through April 1 each year. To qualify, customers must be certified eligible for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) or the Low Income Home Weatherization Program. Each month, rate-regulated utilities are required to report information on residential past due accounts and disconnections as required by 199 IAC 19.2(5)(j)and 20.2(5)(j).

This data is compiled on an October-through-September reporting year basis. Reports are provided in PDF format by Moratorium Year (MY).

Below is a description of each utility type and how to locate the additional reporting data. The links will direct you to IUB staff compilations of each utility’s reported data.

Electric and Gas Investor-owned (Rate-regulated) Utilities

MidAmerican Energy
Interstate Power and Light
Black Hills Energy
Liberty Utilities

Weekly filings include information by customer class on past due accounts, disconnection and reconnection data, revenues owed on past due accounts, and payment plans.

Water Investor-owned (Rate-regulated) Utility

Iowa-American Water

The monthly filing includes information on past due accounts by class and revenues owed by class.

Municipal Utilities

The IUB does not have authority over municipal utilities and requested the additional filings as part of the effort to understand financial impacts resulting from the pandemic. Details for those municipals that have filed can be found in each utility’s M-docket (“M-” plus the four-digit company number) using the docket search. To locate a company number, use the company search.

Rural Electric Cooperatives

A summary report for all RECs includes information on past due accounts by class and revenues by class. Cooperatives based in Iowa and serving fewer than 150 meters and cooperatives based outside of Iowa serving fewer than 1,500 meters in Iowa are not included.

Monthly filings are available in Docket No. M-0001. The IUB does not have authority over RECs and requested the additional filings as part of the effort to understand financial impacts resulting from the pandemic.

NOTE: On April 20, 2022, Black Hills Energy filed revised monthly moratorium reports with the IUB in Docket No. IAC-2022-1902, after detecting that its reporting system was pulling a cumulative comparison of totals from October of 2019 for all categories for the Monthly Moratorium Report. This reporting metric was put in place due to the COVID reporting requirements issued by the IUB in Docket No. ARU-2020-0225 beginning on May 15, 2020. This reporting requirement ended on April 15, 2021. Black Hills has made changes to the reporting metric to ensure the system is now pulling totals compared to the previous month. The revised reports begin with the [month year] report and continue through the March 2022 Monthly Moratorium Report.

MY 2023

October 2022 

November 2022

December 2022 (revised)

January 2023

February 2023

March 2023

April 2023

May 2023

June 2023

July 2023

August 2023

September 2023

MY 2022

October 2021 (Revised 4-20-2022)

November 2021 (Revised 4-20-2022) 

December 2021 (Revised 4-20-2022) 

January 2022 (Revised 4-20-2022)

February 2022 (Revised 4-20-2022) 

March 2022

April 2022

May 2022

June 2022

July 2022

August 2022

September 2022



MY 2021

October 2020 (Revised 12-30-2020)

November 2020

December 2020 (Revised 3-2-2021)

January 2021

February 2021 (Revised 4-20-2022) 

March 2021 (Revised 4-20-2022)

April 2021 (Revised 4-20-2022)

May 2021 (Revised 4-20-2022)

June 2021 (Revised 4-20-2022)

July 2021 (Revised 4-20-2022)

August 2021 (Revised 4-20-2022)

September 2021 (Revised 4-20-2022)

MY 2020

MY 2019

MY 2018

October 2017

November 2017 - Revised 06/19/18

December 2017 - Revised 06/19/18

January 2018 - Revised 06/19/18

February 2018 - Revised 06/19/18

March 2018

April 2018

May 2018

June 2018

July 2018

August 2018

September 2018

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