Rule Making Process


Review the Iowa Utilities Board's Rule Making Dockets (RMUs) currently in active status. The proposed RMU dockets are arranged by chapter number and updated from when the Board issues an order initiating the rule making until the rule is effective or if terminated. They are also available on the State of Iowa's Administrative Rules website

You may comment on the noticed rules until the end of the comment period as follows:

  • By filing comments in the Board's Electronic Filing System (EFS). For more information on how to file comments in the EFS, please refer to the filing procedures web page or the EFS help document.
  • Orally or in writing at the opportunity for oral presentation, if an opportunity for oral presentation will be held (see proposed rules).

The Board’s rules regarding rule making procedures are at 199 IAC 3.

David Lynch has been designated the Agency Rules Administrator. The Administrator’s address is 1375 E. Court Avenue, RM 69, Des Moines, Iowa 50319-0069.

You may determine when the Administrative Rules Review Committee will be considering the rules in the docket by accessing the Committee’s agenda. The rules are usually considered by the Committee the month after the proposed rules are published in the Iowa Administrative Bulletin.

All documents relating to each rule making docket are available for review from the Board's EFS. From the EFS navigation bar, select Search, Docket Search, and type in the docket number for the rule making in which you are interested.  To display all documents for that particular docket, click on the documents link.