IUB Launches New Online Comments/Objections Form in Electronic Filing System

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

The IUB launched a new online open docket comment form in its electronic filing system (EFS) today. The IUB actively encourages utility customers, stakeholders and members of the public to participate in cases (i.e. dockets) before the IUB. The most common method for individuals to participate and make their voices heard is providing written comments in dockets. Previously, interested persons were able to submit comments, objections, and letters of support related to certain dockets on the IUB website. As of June 22, 2022, the IUB has improved this process and now anyone can submit their comments, objections, and letters of support into dockets using the new EFS form.

Under the previous method, an interested person would file their written comment, objection, or letter of support through the IUB's website form and a PDF was generated summarizing the submission. That PDF was sent to an IUB managed inbox. From there, IUB staff manually upload the PDF into the docket in the IUB's electronic filing system (EFS). This process had several steps and when the volume of comments is high, the comments would experience processing delays. The new EFS form streamlines the comments process and reduces the time between submission and uploading into a docket in EFS.

Notable Changes for the Public and Utilities:

  • The new form will have an option to opt out of docket notifications for non-objections
  • The new form will have the user select the content of their comment (self service)
  • Redesigned PDF form to be more visually friendly (i.e. what you see in EFS)
  • The new form will now be found in EFS, and not the IUB website
    • Any links to the comment form on the website will redirect to the EFS form. The URL of the current comment form will be redirected to the new form, so that materials with the old URL will still be valid.
  • EFS Changes:
    • Filing View
      • New button to hide all comments/objections/letters of support
        • All filings will show by default
    • Comment Filings
      • Comments will be filed with similar comments in “batched” filings. However, now each comment will appear as its own document.
        • Easier to search for comments
    • Documents View
      • New button to hide all comments/objections/letters of support
        • All documents will show by default
Online comments-objections form moves to EFS

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