IUB Reschedules Public Hearing on Alliant Energy’s Request to Acquire Renewable Energy Projects

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Alliant seeks advance ratemaking principles, waivers regarding planned acquisition of Duane Arnold Solar I and II

(Des Moines) – The Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) issued an order today regarding Interstate Power and Light Company’s (Alliant Energy-IPL) November 2, 2021, application for advance ratemaking principles, waiver of reorganization requirements, and limited waiver of energy adjustment clause requirements under Iowa Code § 476.53 and IUB’s chapter 41 administrative rules. 

Today’s order in Docket No. RPU-2021-0003 cancels the April 22, 2022, scheduling conference and establishes a revised procedural schedule, including public hearing dates of August 8-10, 2022. Alliant-IPL’s application states it intends to acquire Duane Arnold Solar I and II, along with an additional 200 MW nameplate capacity, using a tax equity partnership. The location of the additional 200 MW has not yet been determined.

A tax equity partnership is used when a utility company is unable to use tax credits or other tax benefits. The partnership with an equity investment company allows the utility company to finance the project.

On April 15, 2022, Alliant-IPL filed a joint proposed procedural schedule that stated all parties agreed to the joint procedural schedule. Today’s order requires parties to file a notice of participation by May 15, 2022, for the technical conferences. The order also requires that the parties file a witness list and the order of witnesses by July 25, 2022.

The IUB is reviewing filings in Docket No. RPU-2021-0003 independently of Docket Nos. GCU-2021-0002 and GCU-2021-0003, in which Duane Arnold Solar I and II, LLCs, have filed applications for generating certificates to construct solar facilities in Linn County. The dockets are closely related as Alliant-IPL intends to acquire the solar facilities from the developer, a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources, LLC, upon completion of construction.

Customer utility rates will not be affected at this time. The IUB will specify the ratemaking principles that will apply when the costs of the facilities are included in Alliant-IPL’s regulated electric rates. Rates will be determined by the IUB during Alliant-IPL’s next rate case proceeding after the assets are included in Alliant-IPL’s rate base.

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