Proposed Summit Carbon Pipeline Overview Route Map

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

On January 28, 2022, Summit Carbon Solutions (Summit) filed its petition for a hazardous liquid pipeline (HLP) permit with the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) in Docket No. HLP-2021-0001, including an Exhibit B overview map. To assist landowners with searching documents filed regarding the proposed route, county sheet index links are provided.

Now that Summit has filed for an HLP permit, the IUB will review the information for any deficiencies with the petition or petition exhibits under Iowa Code 479B and IUB rules at 199 Iowa Administrative Code chapter 13. At this time, the company has not filed Exhibit H, which is a required part of the petition. Exhibit H must be in final form before a public hearing can be scheduled. After reviewing the petition and exhibits, the IUB can issue an order setting a procedural schedule to establish dates for the filing of prepared testimony.  

There is not a statutory or administrative rule requirement for when the scheduling conference is to be held; however, the scheduling conference must be held prior to the submission of testimony and before the public hearing.

Once the IUB sets an evidentiary (public) hearing, the IUB will receive evidence and testimony regarding the proposed project and determine whether a permit should be granted. Notice of the hearing will be published for two consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation in each affected county.  At the hearing, the IUB will hear evidence in favor of or opposing the proposed pipeline. After the hearing, the IUB will review the docket record and base its final decision on Iowa law and the evidence, testimony, and exhibits filed in the docket, and will later issue its final decision either granting the permit, granting the permit with modifications, or denying the permit.

Iowa Code section 479B.9 requires the IUB to find that the proposed pipeline "will promote the public convenience and necessity."

There is no set timeline under state law for the IUB to issue its final decision order regarding Summit's proposed pipeline project.

Summit Carbon Proposed Pipeline Overview Route Map

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