EFS Enhancements Allow for 'Primary Companies' Selection

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

The IUB has added a new field called “Primary Companies” in the EFS docket summary information that indicates which companies are the subject of the docket. This field will be a live drop-down menu of all of the companies in EFS. IUB staff will assign the appropriate companies to each docket in EFS.

With this update, users will be able to search for dockets that have specific companies attached as the “Primary Company.” As companies are added, removed, or updated in EFS, this list of companies will automatically update. The “Primary Companies” field aims to be a helpful administrative and reporting tool, but does not carry any legal implications.

Note: The IUB has tens of thousands of dockets in EFS. If a docket is found with the incorrect primary company, please email ITsupport@iub.iowa.gov.

Areas in EFS that are affected by this upgrade:

  • Docket Search: Primary companies will be a viewable item returned in the docket search results
  • Docket Summary Page: "Docket Title" will now describe the docket. The IUB is in the process of removing company names from the Docket Title and adding them as "Primary Companies," a new field defining the companies that are the primary subjects of the docket. 

(See examples of the changes below.)

Docket Search


Docket Summary Page

IUB electronic filing system homepage

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