IUB's Electronic Filing System Now Accepting New File Formats

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

The IUB has expanded the file types that are accepted in its electronic filing system (EFS). Users can now submit, search, and download geographic information system (GIS) files. Unlike static PDFs or paper maps, electronic maps are interactive. Anyone opening a GIS file will be able to zoom in or out to view specific areas of the map. The newly accepted file formats are: kmz, kml, shp, shx, dbf, and prj. Find more information about this added electronic filing system feature including frequently asked questions about the new EFS filing types below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: How do I file a GIS file type?
A1: Filing a GIS file follows the same process as filing PDF or Excel documents. Please see our EFS Quick Filing Guide document for how to file in EFS. For more information on filing best practices, please see our EFS Filing Standards

Q2: Do I need to submit a cover letter?
A2:  A cover letter is recommended when filing GIS files. Cover letters should include details about the map file such as: map title, description, reason for submission, date created (or last edited), docket number, and docket title.

Q3: How do I find a GIS file in EFS?
A3: To find a specific document, please refer to our How to Search in EFS guide.

Q4: How do I download a GIS file in EFS?
A4: Click ‘View’ next to the GIS file you want to see. This will begin the download of the file. To view the file, you will need to obtain software that is able to view map files. Google Earth is a free application that can be used to view these types of files.

Q5: Do I still need to submit a PDF map?
A5: Yes, PDF maps are still required per Iowa Administrative Code 199 14.8(1).

Electronic filing system now accepting GIS and other new file types

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