IUB Announces Interactive Mapping Tool for Iowa's Electric Service Territory Boundaries

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

The IUB and the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) have collaborated to provide the public and utility stakeholders with an updated interactive map for electric service territory boundaries in Iowa.  As of April 20, 2021, users will have the ability to access the online mapping tool located on the IUB's website.

The IUB began working with OCIO in September 2020 on electric mapping services. With today’s rollout, the OCIO created a statewide geographic information system (GIS) map with layers that detail the electric service territory boundaries for public utilities providing electrical service in Iowa. The IUB’s website provides utility stakeholders and the public with an interactive viewer to browse the map’s layers. Anyone viewing the map will be able to zoom in or out, as well as print the sections of interest. The new mapping tool replaces the webpage previously created by the Iowa Department of Transportation.

The mapping tool is a key part of the IUB’s review of electric service territory boundaries when filings are made with the IUB under Iowa Code 476.23 regarding a service territory proceeding (SPU) docket. The majority of these come from utilities filing jointly for the following reasons:

  • Utilities determine that customers being served do not match current IUB maps. 
  • A municipal builds an industrial park that extends into two or more service territory areas. This can result in a trade or sale of territory between the utilities.
  • A customer builds a house or other type of building where electric service is not provided and a neighbor utility has service in closer proximity and can extend service. In this instance, the utilities can agree to a boundary modification with no trade involved. 

IUB staff reviews the information to ensure that the legal descriptions filed by the utilities can be plotted on the service territory boundary map. OCIO will plot the information as filed in the IUB’s electronic filing system. The IUB communicates any discrepancies to the utilities and approves service territory modifications as needed.

 Future map layers will include natural gas pipelines, regional transmission organizations, electric transmission lines, telecommunications, water, solar, and wind.

Iowa electric service territory boundaries map

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