IUB Order Clarifies Farm Tap Disconnection Notice Date for Black Hills Energy Customers with Easement Issues

Friday, April 2, 2021

The IUB today issued an order clarifying that Black Hills Energy should immediately provide notice of possible disconnection of natural gas service to farm tap customers who have not yet reached easement agreements with the utility. The order, in Docket No. SPU-2015-0039, affects 72 customers throughout Black Hills’ Iowa service territory.

Today’s order clarifies a March 29, 2021 order that had approved the disconnection notices being sent after May 15, 2021. No change was made to other disconnection process requirements, and Black Hills farm tap customers who have outstanding easement issues will have six months after receiving the initial letter to continue working with Black Hills to negotiate outstanding easements before the customer’s natural gas service could be disconnected. Black Hills also must:

  • File with the IUB a list of all customers who received the disconnection notice, including the date the notice was mailed and the date of the anticipated disconnection.
  • Send an additional disconnection letter and attempt to contact by phone, one month prior to disconnection, farm tap customers with outstanding easement issues.
  • File with the IUB the 30-day disconnection letter that will be sent to farm tap customers to notify them of pending disconnection.

A farm tap is a natural gas fuel line which connects directly with the interstate natural gas pipeline owned by Northern Natural Gas Company (NNG). Black Hills provides natural gas distribution service to farm tap customers on behalf of NNG.

Customers should contact Black Hills’ Farm Tap Customer Service at 515-343-2040 with any questions or concerns.

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