Create a Company Record Using the New Web Application IUB 24/7

Monday, March 1, 2021

The Iowa Utilities Board has launched IUB 24/7, a new, always-available web application that allows companies, utilities, and individuals that interact with the IUB to manage and update company information. With the launch of IUB 24/7, users of IUB's electronic filing system (EFS) are being asked to create a new IUB 24/7 account/profile, which will eliminate the EFS login requirement and allow users a single sign-on to manage company contact information, access EFS, and communicate any company updates to the IUB. Review the frequently asked questions about IUB 24/7 and read more to find out what is changing.

What's Changed?

  • Username and passwords for EFS and IUB 24/7 will sync and all customers will have one login (Your username becomes your email address).
  • Company record information is moved to IUB 24/7 and will automatically update EFS service lists for dockets.
  • New Roles: Company administrator and company users (anyone who registers in IUB 24/7 can file in EFS).
  • Updates to contact information are completed through IUB 24/7 and sync with EFS service lists.
  • Some dockets may change due to the information being transferred to IUB 24/7:
    • REG dockets - Telecom providers will now update their profile to register with the IUB in lieu of filing in EFS in an REG docket. (Note: Companies deactivating their record do not need to create a profile in IUB 24/7 and may file the deactivation in EFS).
    • M-dockets - Customers will no longer file contact updates in their M-dockets. (Reports and required filings are still accepted in these dockets).

For a complete list of docket updates, please see the docket designations page.

Where do I go?
Below you will find a quick reference of actions performed in each IUB web application.

In IUB 24/7 you can:

  • Register or reset your password for access to file in EFS or log in to IUB 24/7
  • Create a company profile
  • Add or request users be added to your company profile
  • Update contact information
  • Register or update company status
  • Register or deactivate your telecommunications registration in Iowa
  • Search for utilities that are registered with the IUB (*EFS company search will be available for a limited time, until most companies have registered in IUB 24/7)

In EFS you can:

  • Make a filing with the IUB
  • Search for dockets, filings, or reports
  • View tariff books

For IUB 24/7 questions or to submit a help ticket, please contact

Iowa 24/7 blackout license plate and new contact database web application

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