Cardinal-Hickory Electric Transmission Line Approved for Eastern Iowa

Wednesday, May 27, 2020
Electric transmission lines

New electric power line will be located in Clayton and Dubuque counties

The Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) issued an order on May 27, 2020, approving a petition for a franchise to construct, maintain, and operate a new electric transmission line in Clayton and Dubuque counties by ITC Midwest LLC (ITC Midwest) and Dairyland Power Cooperative (Dairyland).

The petition (application), referred to as the Cardinal-Hickory Creek (CHC) transmission line project, in Docket No. E-22386, proposes to build approximately 14.25 miles of 345kV electric transmission line and 2.44 miles of 161 kV electric transmission line as part of a larger project that would extend to Montfort and Middleton, Wisconsin. The 345 kV line in Iowa would connect to the existing ITC Midwest Hickory Creek substation in Dubuque County. The proposed 161 kV line would be double-circuited for a portion of the proposed 345 kV line and would connect to ITC Midwest's Turkey River substation in Clayton County. See maps of the proposed route. 

The May 27 order finds that the proposed lines are necessary to serve a public use and represent a reasonable relationship to an overall plan of transmitting electricity in the public interest. The order also found that vesting ITC Midwest and Dairyland with the right of eminent domain is necessary for public use subject to the easement modifications discussed in the order.

Under Iowa Code subsection 478.21(1), if a transmission line for which a franchise has been granted is not constructed in whole or in part within two years of the final order granting the franchise, the IUB shall revoke the franchise unless the party holding the franchise petitions the IUB for an extension of time. The IUB retains jurisdiction in this docket under Iowa Code chapter 478 and may at any time during the franchise period make such further orders as necessary.

For more information, read about the electric transmission line franchise process and frequently asked questions about eminent domain.

All documents regarding this proposed project can be reviewed by searching under Docket No. E-22386 in the IUB’s electronic filing system (EFS) at

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