Iowa Utilities Board Reminds Iowans of Energy Saving Tips During Summer Heat

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Tips to reduce energy bills during rising summer temperatures

Iowa Utilities Board reminds Iowans of cost-saving measures

(Des Moines) – An early summer heat wave is expected to arrive in central Iowa this weekend, with the National Weather Service forecasting near record warmth and temperatures well into the 90s. The Iowa Utilities Board reminds Iowans of cost-effective ways to lower summer energy bills while remaining safe and comfortable.

Utility customers can take several steps to help reduce energy usage during the cooling season:

  • Service or check air conditioning (central or window units) regularly; clean or replace filters often. Keep air registers clean and clear of obstructions. Clean outside air conditioning coils and keep plant or other objects at least 12 inches clear on every side.
  • Block out direct sunlight whenever possible. Close shades, blinds and draperies or use sunscreens over windows and patio areas during the day.
  • Use fans to increase indoor air circulation. Only run fans when a room is occupied. Elderly persons and those with health concerns should check with their doctor before dramatically changing the temperature in their homes.
  • Close air vents/doors to unused portions of a residence.
  • Open windows to take advantage of breaks from the hottest and most humid weather, especially during the cooler evening hours.
  • Install/use a programmable thermostat to set the indoor temperature a few degrees higher when you are sleeping or away from your residence.

Visit or on the Board’s website for additional information.

The Iowa Utilities Board regulates utilities to ensure that reasonably priced, reliable, environmentally responsible, and safe utility services are available to all Iowans.
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