Order a Utility Service Area Map

The Iowa Utilities Board has the following utility-related maps available in PDF format:

  • Telephone Exchange Area Map - State Level (2018)
  • Telephone Exchange Area Map - County Level (all 99 counties available) (May 1999)
  • Telephone Company Boundary Map - Individual Company Boundary Exchanges (800 + maps available)
  • Electric Service Area Map - State Level (2013)
  • Electric Service Area Map - County Level (all 99 counties available) (November 2011)
  • Natural Gas Operators Service Area Map (May 2009)
  • Pipeline Map - State Level (March 1999)
  • 115-345 KV Electric Transmission Lines - State Level  

To request a copy of any of the above maps, call IUB customer service at 515.725.7300.

In addition, a map of electric service area boundaries by county is available through the Iowa Department of Transportation website. Customers can click on a county of interest to open a PDF of that county in a separate window, and click on any utility name to bring up contact information for that utility. Customers can also review a statewide boundary map

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