Open Docket Comment Form

Use this form to file an objection, letter of support, or comment in an open docket before the IUB. You may also select File a Comment or Objection in an Open Docket from the Quick Links column of options. If you are unable to file electronically, you may mail your written comments or objections to: Iowa Utilities Board, 1375 E. Court Ave, Des Moines, IA 50319. For additional assistance, please call the IUB's IT Support desk at 515.725.7300.

1. Complete this form by selecting the specific docket where you wish to file your comments.

2. Your form will be sent to the IUB Customer Service department. Customer Service will upload your comments into the IUB's electronic filing system (

3. Within 48 hours you should receive an email confirming your submission. Your comments will be available to the public and served upon all members of the service list for the particular docket selected.

4. If a valid email is provided, your name, email, and address will be added to the service list for the docket selected.

5. As a reminder, any information submitted is subject to the Iowa Open Records Act and will be available for public viewing and inspection.

Filing in a Docket Using the IUB's Electronic Filing System (EFS)

1. If you wish to participate in a docket by intervening, you will be required to register and file directly in EFS.

2. Go to and review "EFS Quick Filing Guide - Registered Users."

For help, please email or call 515.725.7300.

Consumer Information
If your comments pertain to multiple dockets, hold the CTRL key and click each docket in the list to select.

Thank you for taking the time to provide comments to the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB).  Your comments will be reviewed by IUB staff, filed in the IUB’s Electronic Filing System ( and become part of the record in the docket. 

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