Board Approves Natural Gas Feasibility Model

Photo of natural gas meter

Review the Board's Order Approving Feasibility Model in Docket No. SPU-2017-0011, regarding the expansion of natural gas service to areas without service or with constrained service, pursuant to a newly adopted natural gas rule in 199 IAC 19.3(10)(g). See the model.

Rule 19.3(10)(g) requires utilities seeking to expand service pursuant to that rule to use a standard feasibility model approved by the Board to show that the project is economically justified and for the regulated gas utilities to jointly file a single proposed feasibility model.  The Board opened Docket No. SPU-2017-0011 to allow for consideration of a standard feasibility model pursuant to the newly adopted rule.   

An informal workshop discussing the model was held at the Board on January 9, 2018. On November 21, 2017, Black Hills Energy, Alliant Energy-Interstate Power and Light Company, Libery Utilities and MidAmerican Energy Company (collectively, the Joint Utilities) filed their proposed standard feasibility model to be used for projects falling under 199 IAC 19.3(10)(g). On October 16, 2017, the Board issued an order adopting rules in Docket No. RMU-2016-0007 relating to its natural gas rules found in chapter 19.