Recent News & Announcements

Recent News & Announcements

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IUB Deregulates Landline Service
Due to effective competition for local communications services, the Board issued an Order on August 9, 2017, deregulating landline telephone service quality in Iowa, Docket No. INU-2016-0001. The Board will retain certain regulatory duties relating to essential communications services. See news release

2017 Fall Customer Service Meetings Scheduled
The Iowa Utilities Board has scheduled nineteen fall Customer Service meetings to be held throughout Iowa during August and September 2017.  Discussion will include the Iowa winter home heating energy disconnection moratorium, a review of Board rules regarding disconnection of utility service, recent municipal utility legislation, and other energy-related customer issues of importance to utility customer service personnel and community action agency caseworkers. Attendance is limited to utility personnel, community action agency personnel, and persons from other community-based help organizations that assist low-income clients with winter heating bills.  Online registration is now available.

Customers Should Review Land-line Telecommunications Service Agreements
As a result of Iowa legislation, land-line telecommunications companies will no longer file retail tariffs with the Board and will form customer service agreements with customers. Customers should always carefully review any agreement for communications services, including wireless. For more information, see the Board’s telecommunications service agreements news release.

Potential Scams Involving Iowa Utility Customers
The Iowa Utilities Board is aware of and has received complaints regarding a variety of payment scams relating to consumers’ utility bills.  The Board reminds Iowa utility customers not to provide credit card numbers or any personal information when receiving suspicious calls, emails, or contact from persons at the door claiming to be affiliated with their utility, and who are demanding payment or threatening utility service disconnection.  Concerned customers should first contact their utility at the telephone number located on their utility bill or contact the customer service number on their utility website to confirm if any claim for payment is legitimate. If the claim is fraudulent, customers should immediately call local law enforcement officials and the Consumer Protection Division of the Iowa Attorney General's Office at 888-777-4590.

Iowa Seeks to Help Address Dropped Calls in Nation’s Rural Areas 
The Iowa Utilities Board continues to be engaged in discussions with other states as well as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to help resolve ongoing telephone call termination (call completion) issues. Review the FCC's rural call completion order (FCC 13-135).  The Board continues to actively monitor the FCC docket. In addition, please review the following call completion dockets with the Board: