Annual report forms for 2023 calendar year filings are now available to all utilities to file their annual report using the IUB’s web application IUB 24/7. The filing deadline is April 1 for those companies required to submit utility annual reports. 

All companies are also required to review their company profile by editing the company profile and attesting the information is current.

Gas, electric, and water utilities and competitive natural gas pipeline providers  (CNGP): Log into IUB 24/7 and view your company profile to complete your utility annual report by clicking the link to your company profile, scrolling down, and selecting Edit on the annual report. To review company information, click Edit on the company profile (separate from the annual report).

Telecommunications companies: All companies are required to review and update their company record to ensure its services and contacts are up-to-date with the IUB and, if applicable to the company, enter information in the Annual Registration and Reporting of Revenues and/or Dual Party Relay Service (DPRS) assessment sections.

If you are a telecommunications company new to the state of Iowa and have not yet created a company record in IUB 24/7, please visit the IUB 24/7 for Telecommunications Companies webpage.

Do not use or submit 2022 or other prior year annual report forms. Your company regulatory contact in IUB 24/7 should have received notification on January 16 from the IUB IT Support team with information regarding the 2023 forms.

If you have questions about your company profile, email or call 877-565-4450 during IUB regular business hours, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.