Board Orders on Tax Law

Photo of IUB Board Members

On April 25 and 27, 2018, the Board issued orders approving over $78.7 million in refunds for utility customers based on the Board's investigation and review of the tax refund proposals filed by Iowa's rate-regulated utility companies regarding the 2017 federal tax reform law in Docket No. INU-2018-0001. See news release

On February 27, 2018, the Board issued an Order requiring each rate-regulated utility to file a proposal with the Board addressing how the utility would provide to customers the appropriate benefits of the 2018 federal tax rate reduction.

The Feb. 27 order also keeps this docketed investigation open for additional infromation to be filed and considered by the Board, and asks Liberty Utilities to file an updated presentation in this docket using the Board's Electronic Filing System, if appropriate.  

January 18, 2018, the Board issued an order opening an investigation regarding the effect of the recent federal corporate income tax rate reduction and its impact on Iowa's rate-regulated utilities and their customers, Docket INU-2018-0001. The Board held a workshop on January 25 to hear presentations from the rate-regulated utilities.

Company presentations:

Black Hills Energy

Liberty Utilities

MidAmerican Energy

Interstate Power and Light Company

Iowa-American Water Company