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The Iowa Utilities Board, Safety and Engineering Section, is responsible for reviewing and processing all petitions for electric transmission line franchises under Iowa Code chapter 478, Electric Transmission Lines and Board rules at 199 Iowa Administrative Code chapter 11, Electric Lines and chapter 25, Iowa Electrical Safety Code.  A franchise is the authorization of the Board for the construction, erection, maintenance, and operation of an electric transmission line.  The granting of a franchise requires a finding by the Board that the project is necessary to serve a public use, represents a reasonable relationship to an overall plan of transmitting electricity in the public interest, and meets all other legal requirements.

Searching for Electric Franchise Filings

All public filings and Board orders regarding specific electric franchise filings (E-Docket) are available on the Board’s electronic filing system (EFS). To search for documents related to franchise petitions, click the EFS link, select Search from the top navigation menu, and scroll down to Document Search. This will open a document search screen. Enter the docket number (E-XXXXX) relating to the electric franchise for which you would like more information and click the Search button. This will provide a list of all documents filed online with the Board in that proceeding.

If you do not know the specific docket number, you must do a docket search to determine the docket number. To start, click the EFS link, select Search from the top navigation menu and scroll down to Docket Search. This will open a docket search screen. Select E - Electric Franchise or Extension from the Docket Type drop down box and then select the company name from the Participants drop down box. Be sure to click the Add button to add the company to the search parameters. After entering the search terms, click the Search button to display a list of all documents filed in all E-dockets for that company. To narrow the search to a particular county, include the county name in the Docket Description field, surrounded by the percent sign (%) as a wildcard character.

For example, to search for E-Dockets in Linn County filed by ITC Midwest, select E - Electric Franchise or Extension from the Docket Type drop down box, select ITC Midwest LLC from the Participants drop down box and enter %Linn% in the Docket Description field.

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For Electric Franchise Information or Media Inquiries Contact:

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