Daily Summary of Filings and Orders (1999-2008)


Effective January 2, 2009, the Board implemented its Electronic Filing System (EFS). The paper Daily Summary of Filings and Orders has been replaced by a Summary of Filings and Orders search, accessible from the EFS home page.  To search for and view filings made on or after January 2, 2009, please visit the EFS.  The Summary of Filings and Orders search link may be found in the top navigation bar.  

The Summary of Orders and Filings will also include a listing for filings accepted for filing on paper in proceedings not subject to the electronic filing rules.  Documents in those proceedings will not be available for viewing and download from EFS but may be viewed at the IUB Records and Information Center.

Not all filings made through the EFS will be reflected in the Summary of Filings and Orders search.  A more comprehensive search may be conducted by using a document search and selecting a date range, docket type or document type.  For example, Annual Report filings will not be shown on the Summary of Filings and Orders results screen, but may be found by using the document search and narrowing the results to filings of Docket Type "A - Annual Filing."

The PDF documents below are monthly compilations of the paper Daily Summaries of Filings and Orders for the years 1999 - 2008 (prior to Electronic Filing).  For copies of filings referenced in the documents below, please contact the Records and Information Center at 515.725.7337.


January 1999 (not available)

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April 1999 (April 12-30 only)

May 1999

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