Utility Customer Contribution Funds Report

Voluntary Customer Contribution Fund (CCF)

Under Iowa law, energy utilities are required to operate a fund that allows utility customers to voluntarily contribute money for deposit in a low income heating assistance fund. The contributions are used to assist low income persons in paying their energy bills and with weatherization. Each gas and electric utility operates an independent fund under such names as Project Share, RECare, I CARE, etc. These contributions are generally recognized as tax deductible.

Customer Contribution Fund (CCF) Report for FY 2017
(July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017)

The Board's statewide CCF report for fiscal year 2017 consisted of contributions of $1,621,853 and distributions of $1,789,666. Funds not distributed during a fiscal year are carried forward to the next fiscal year.  The information reported by utilities is compiled by Board staff into the tracking spreadsheet.

Customer Contribution Fund Report
Number of Customers Contributing 11,585
Total Funds Contributed (including matching funds) $1,621,853
Total Funds Distributed $1,789,666
Number of Households Assisted 6,940
Average Assistance Per Household $258