Links to Other Consumer Information

The following links lead to websites not maintained by the Iowa Utilities Board. These links will open in a new browser window.

  • Office of Consumer Advocate (OCA) - The OCA investigates the legality of rates and practices of all utility companies subject to the jurisdiction of the IUB and represents consumers and the public generally before state and federal agencies concerning those matters.
  • Consumer Protection Division, Iowa Attorney General - Helpful information about consumer protection issues including consumer fraud, credit and consumer contracts.
  • Federal Trade Commission - Helpful consumer information from the federal agency most directly involved in consumer protections.
  • Federal Communications Commission - Helpful consumer information on cell phone and other telephone issues not under the jurisdiction of the IUB.
  • Interest Rate Applied to Refunds - If the IUB finds at the conclusion of a rate case that a public utility's interim rates were not based on previously established regulatory principles or were in excess of final rates approved by the IUB, refund amounts will be determined by the most recent average quarterly rate on 24-month consumer loans, plus 2 percent per annum, as determined by the Federal Reserve. See Iowa Code § 476.6(9)(c) (2017).

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