Agency Phone List

General Contacts Telephone Number
Customer Service Questions or Complaints 515-725-7321
Toll-free Customer Service Questions or Complaints 877-565-4450
Agency Information 515-725-7300
Questions about the website 515-725-7300
Fax, General 515-725-7398
Utilities Board  

** Reminder: 
Any communications with individual members of the Iowa Utilities Board on material issues in contested cases pending before the Board may constitute a prohibited ex parte communication, Iowa Code section 17A.17.  If you wish to comment on the record on a pending matter, please do not contact individual Board members, but instead submit your comments to the IUB’s electronic filing system, citing the docket number, and clicking on the “Submit Filing” tab and following all instructions to submit filing as a guest.  If you have a complaint or inquiry about a utility, please contact Customer Service staff at 877-565-4450 or

Geri Huser, Chair 515-725-7313
Richard W. Lozier, Jr., Board Member 515-725-7313
Joshua J. Byrnes, Board Member 515-725-7313
Board Members' Fax 515-725-7398
Chief Operating Officer, Louis Vander Streek 515-725-0553
General Counsel, Jon Tack 515-725-7333
IUB Work sections  
Accounting & Assessments, Phil Davis 515-725-7338
Communications/Media Relations, Don Tormey 515-725-7347
Customer Service, Marie Jeanblanc  515-725-7300
Utility Service Questions 515-725-7321
Toll-Free for Utility Service Questions 877-565-4450
Requests for Records 515-725-7337
Electronic Filing System, IT Support 515-725-7337
Regulatory Analysis, Christopher Elliott 515-725-7303
Safety and Engineering, Kevin Yearington  515-210-1642
Legislative Liaison, Maison Bleam 515-725-7345


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